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I’ve been with my boyfriend for 9yrs & found that he sleep with men . That was 7yrs ago , he left his browser open . Then all kinds of things came to & made since . I told him what , I thought & that I loved him still & if you really love someone , you just can’t stop loving them . He denied  everything . I told him so many times , that I want him to love me & his children enough to protect himself . He’s father was in the navy & his dad is a minister . I think that his dad tried to  beat it out of  him , just crazy . Some times I cry for him , because I know he want to be free of thus forced life . He always tell me that he loves me & dose alot for me . He very smart , but I know his has unprotected sex with strange men . Somethings I’ve read that his done with men , just freaks me out . Sometimes when he kisses me or the kids , I just want to scream . I wish his dad would have just let him be him .sometimes he cries in church when he prays , I wish I could hear , his prayers . I pray for him , more than I pray for myself . The thing that I know , I could right a book , we live in CT & he works in NYC & comes home on the weekend . Sometimes , I want to expose him & his high society friends , just to protect the women their with , but I don’t want to hurt anyone . Please tell me what to do & could he really love me .

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