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I am a twenty three year old guy and I have always known I am bisexual.  I didn’t know that word until about middle school, but  as soon as I knew what it meant I knew it applied to me.  I have never denied it to myself and have always accepted it as part of me.  But even as I child I new I should keep it to myself long before I even understood why.  I have told a few of my closest friends over the years and they have all been cool with it.  they were kind of surprised, but no one cared.  I only talk to two of these friends after the rest moved when we all finished school.  I am making new friends and meeting a lot of new people, and I feel like I should be able to be more open about myself around them.  I have recently told one more of my closest friends and I plan to tell my best  friend who is the only one I am close to that doesn’t know.  These people are all people I trust and I know care and I know they won’t see me any differently, and have given me more confidence in being who I am.  I have always felt like I should come out about it and have always wanted to, and I have never thought it would be such a tough thing to do, and such a process as well.  I really underestimated it all.  I have always seen the hardships that people of different sexualities face, and I have always thought that its awful that these people are treated like second class citizens.  But the more I try to live openly, the more I realize that I am one of those people and these problems are mine.  Things like coming out, hoping I fall in love with a woman and not a man so I could actually get married, it’s all a lot harder than I thought.  I feel much better since I started to tell the people that matter to me, but I am still anxious with a slight bit of doubt.  It’s weighing down on me more than ever , and I have a knot in my gut thinking about it.  Do I go with my heart and just do what I really want to do, or do I let that feeling in my gut take over and just keep it to myself?  And how do I deal with the fact that I have to live under an establishment that I feel has no respect for me as a human being?  It’s all a lot to take in and even though I have awesome friends, I don’t feel they truly understand how I feel right now, and It would be nice to talk to someone who does.

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  1. Val Aug 20, 2012 at 21:52

    Thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts. You are on the right path by searching your soul and and being true to your feelings and where they may take you in life. Many LGBT’s follow the same process. It’s not easy considering the world we live in, but it speaks volumes of the strength and courage it takes that despite the obstacles, you inherently follow your truth.


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