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Hello! I find this website is very helpful and caring towards the minority, and I respect whoever made this, even though I’m not a bi/lesbian myself. I came here to ask about the way, ahem, gay people look at the ones they love? No, don’t get me wrong, I know the way they feel towards their significant other is just the same, or maybe more even, than straight people towards their significant others. However, I find it a bit hard, to distinguish what their eyes say, it could be just simple adoration, friendliness, or could be love and attraction. I don’t want to jump into conclusions fast, with things I don’t fully understand, so I guess this website could help me. Actually, I was talking about my idols (yes, I am a fangirl) and there’s this popular ship (which I do ship) and the way they look at each other is just- okay, I don’t know, I don’t want to be delusional or anything (about my ship). And the fact that the one would fit so nice being a seme (top) and the other boy is just a perfect uke (bottom) makes them even more shippable. As a shipper, yes, of course I would be happy if they just came out and said they’re together. But there’s some fans that pushed the limits a bit too far, too delusional in my opinion, and shoved the ship right on their faces. I’m afraid it might hurt their feelings. //If// they are really gay for each other, do you think (as a person that understands this topic) that those kinds of reactions from fans, such as telling them they’re cute together, made edits and fanarts of them, disturbing and humiliating? Thank you for your time spent reading this, and hopefully you will answer my question :)) and here’s a picture to let you know which ship I’m talking about (and no, they’re not from One Direction) or you could check on google Hunhan or Selu or the way Sehun looks at Luhan (or vice versa) or even open if you want to, there’s lots of pictures of them together (and looking at e! ach other)^^ and this is just a favor, but do you think their eyes mean something else, not only friendship? Once again, thank you very much. I really hope this website would be able to get more appreciation, and gain even more respect. Thank you! :-)))

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