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hi! I’m kinda new to gay sex even though I am 23 and very good looking (I am not cocky even if it sounded like it I swear) So I’ll cut to the chase: I am always hearing from bottoms about the giant big D*** they had last night.. My erect penis is 5.5-5.9inch (14-15cm) length, and 4.7inch (12cm) girth. Is that OK in the gay community? Can it pleasure an experienced bottom? Is it too small? Thank you for answering, I’m just to embarassed to ask anyone I know.


  1. Val Oct 9, 2014 at 20:58

    Your size and girth are just fine. Bottoms love to carry on about size.


  2. Tasha Mar 9, 2015 at 19:51

    Interestingly enough, the average size for an erect penis is 5 in long and 3 in in girth. It’s actually less common for someone to have a larger or smaller penis than that. Some people like to play up situations. All you really have to do is have faith and courage in yourself, pay attention to what pleases and displeases your partner, and you should be just fine.


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