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I have not come out yet, I live in a place where the whole country does not accept gays and it is a very religious place, and my family is very religious and they strongly hate gays/lesbians. I am 15 and there is a guy I like, he shows signs but I’m not sure if they are anything. sometimes he would just look at me when I’m not looking, and when I turn to him he does not turn away, he just smiles. we don’t hang out outside of school but in school we sit next to each other, he puts his around me sometimes, and he likes hugging people..alot. we like different things so we have little to talk about together.we give each other nicknames, and he would sometimes pop up from behind me when I am at my locker and put his hands around me. So what do you think does he likes me or am I reading into this because if I do the wrong thing I might get kicked out of school and my parents will kick me out of the house all because I’m gay and I don’t have relatives that accept gays either. If you could tell me step by step how to take this relationship to another level because he is the only one that I like and he is the only one that could get me through my teenage years in this hell hole.

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