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Is it better to shave my penis or no?

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  1. Sally Jan 19, 2016 at 22:49

    Im an old lady of 69. I am in the first anniversary of my husbands death. 43 yrs marriage 12 yrs being his care giver as he died of cancer. Right before hubby died, we moved abroad. Lately I’ve been depending upon a youngish gay man to help me with my own health problems. Taking me to doctors offices, staying with me in hospital. (I’m living in a foreign country and need translations) He moved in with me.

    I love him as a son. But as we’ve got closer, I’ve begun to appreciate him as a very sexy man. He is a sought after partner amongst the gay community. He’s a very masculine, but beautiful man. As you can tell….I simply appreciate this young man and like having him around. (My spouse and I were forced to live platonically for those last 12yrs)

    I have no problem with him having “dates” and I feel like my presence in the house adds a layer of protection for him. In the culture we live, his dates often greet me, and say good bye before leaving. BUT homosexuality is NOT “out”….but still very hidden!

    This gay housemate does not seem to be aware of the times of REAL grief that I go to from time to time. He doesn’t seem to care. He cannot “empathyze” let alone “sympathize”! So when I accidentally “cross the line” like hug him good night. Or worse, put my arm around his shoulders as we talk in the kitchen….he goes ballistic! He shames me by saying I “assaulted” him! I was shocked. It hurt. It felt like the deminishment of my sincere feelings. I’ve ASSAULTED him!?!?

    What the Hell do I do about this. I have a truly non sexual love for this boy/man! I would fight to the end defending him! I’m a retired physical therapist! Touching comes naturally for me. I’m sfraid I will make another mistake….and offend this joven (young man) and he will leave, forever thinking I’m an assaulter!

    He says he loves me as his mother, which excludes any touching whatsoever. Since that’s so opposite from me and my own son….it’s hard for me…and I sometimes forget. The worse, is when I’m sad…and “ask” for some compassion… a hug or somethin…..the drama really erupts.

    For gods sake…this is hard to describe! Have you got any idea for me?


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