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I’m a straight male, age 23, and I have had questions relating to Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals. I have always believed that the Nature vs Nurture argument plays a big role in defining who we are today. the answers that I receive, I hope, will shed light on this subject. Please answer questions as accurate as possible. 1. When was the first time you realized that you were sexually aroused by the same gender? (age) Where you aroused by both genders or only one? When you realized you were sexually aroused by the same gender what went through your head, concerning what is viewed as “normal” heterosexual relationships. 2.What was your first sexual experience? I understand that the world is a bad place and that bad things happen, but please be honest. 3. Why are some gays what I like to refer to as “super gays”, while others you wouldn’t know they were gay unless they told you. Why do some GLB feel the need to change the pitch of their voice and the way they pronounce words. Scientifically speaking males generally have deep voices, but many gay men use higher pitches. Also some gay men pronounce words with a “gay twang”. 4. Do you relate to the gender you are attracted to, or the opposite gender? i.e gay men relate to women and lesbians relate to men. If you do relate to the opposite gender more than your own do you wish you had been born the opposite gender? Do you want or wish to have gender surgery? 5. When you knew that you were gay, what influenced you in how to behave? 6. Chemically speaking does your body have more levels of testosterone or estrogen? 7. What was your home life like? I.e. single mother, single father, beaten. 8. Are you religious? and if so what religion?

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