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What do I do when my girlfriend won’t accept the fact that I’m transgender not a lesbian?


  1. Val Feb 15, 2013 at 20:45

    Thanksfor the question. I’m not sure what her reason is for not accepting you, but I understand how hurtful that can feel. The next time you two have talk about your gender, let her know how much her support would mean to you and to your relationship with her, and she supporting your is important to you.


  2. Tasha Mar 9, 2015 at 19:14

    I had the same issue with an ex gf of mine. We dated for about 8 months before I brought up my gender identity. After I told her, she just laughed it off and pretended like I was joking with her. I let it slide for a little bit, but then I brought it up again. I made sure she understood how important it was that she, as my gf, supported me in my identity. After that convo, she completely ignored the subject. We didn’t break up because of it, as far as I know. We ended up breaking it off because I had to move halfway across the country and she wouldn’t come with me.

    Basically, just try to let her know how important it is to you that she, as your gf, supports you in your identity. It will eventually drain you if you’re dating someone that doesn’t support you. If she can’t, then you might have to eventually go separate ways. I hope she understands. 🙂


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