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I have 2 questions: 1] (btw im 15) I may be trans (ftm) but I think I am genderqueer. the reason I say think is because I still like girly things like dresses and makeup, but I LOVE being called a boy. I dont have a problem with people calling me a girl but if someone accidentally says sir or boy in reference to me I get flustered and happy. I also was raised by boys so maybe thats why but when someone says girl it just kinda twists me up inside, and I only get dysphoria if I cant bind on the days I feel I need it. do you think in trans? or gq or just confused? and 2] I always tell people my sexual preference is pansexual but I do NOT feel romantic attraction to men. I want to so bad, but I cant bring myself to hold hands, hug, or kiss a guy in a relationship (out of a relationship I will exept kiss) it feels uncomfortable and makes me feel bad. I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl (everyone here is straight, I’m caught in the bible belt) but I feel more romantic with women than men even out of a relationship. does that mean I dont like men?

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