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So I am in college and have a boyfriend on 1 year. I have always assumed I was straight until recently. I met a girl and told her I like her. We text cute things and hearts and what not but I get mixed feelings from her a lot. I am not attracted to other girls, only her and find myself not being satisfied with my boyfriend anymore. What should I do? Am I bi?

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  1. C.S Dec 31, 2014 at 01:31

    So first of I am bi but I am a dude just so you would know if you want to discredit me you can if you want. If you find girl cute or a little attractive doesn’t mean your bi until you try going all the way (not that you should do so swiftly). Experimenting is the key to unlocking your self and finding out what you are. If you like what you try then you know what it means. 🙂


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