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I’m a young teenager and I’ve just recently came out to myself and some close people as bisexual even though I’m not 100 percent sure. What I am worried about most is that I am wrong about my sexuality and maybe this is just a weird phase and I’ll turn out straight or that I want to be bisexual so much that I’m just kidding myself and I actually don’t really want to be with a girl. I know I’m definitely not lesbian as I am definitely attracted to guys but I’m still unsure about girls partly because I’m worried I’ve got it wrong as I have never been with a girl (well, I have actually never been with a guy either) but is it okay to come out as bisexual at such a young age without ever having experienced a relationship with the same sex? I’ve always been very supportive about the lgbt community and I get very touchy over anyone being homophobic (I hear the words ‘gay’ being used as a derogatory term pretty much everyday at school and I get really annoyed and angry when this happens) and I’m worried that inside, subconsciously, I’m lying to myself because maybe I want to be so apart of the lgbt community that I am forcing myself to like girls even without realizing it? I don’t know. At the moment, I identify as bisexual and I feel very proud and I want to be very open about it soon but not exactly until I’m atleast a little bit more sure. I really want a girlfriend but I dont know how to get one without coming out and in my school, there are barely any openly gay or bisexual kids- I can count on one hand how many are out which is a problem when trying to get a same sex relationship atleast within school. Sorry about this super long paragraph but I needed to let it out. I’m just your typical confused questioning teenager…

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  1. Kylee Nov 27, 2015 at 10:30

    Hi 🙂
    I am new to this site and just thought I would comment because I see a correlation to my situation.

    I identify as a lesbian. I don’t think I am as young as you, being an older teenager but I see where you’re coming from. I was just a few months ago thinking the same thing; Maybe I’m just imagining it all, maybe I just haven’t found the right guy and this is a phase. Subconscious is a very dangerous thing and I feel I’ve hid a lot from myself with my subconscious.

    I myself haven’t been in a lot of relationships, and only recently got into something close to my first same sex relationship.

    If you really feel this way, and you’re similar to me, I don’t think you’re lying to yourself. In addition, it couldn’t hurt to just consider yourself to be bisexual. Get the experience, don’t lock yourself onto one gender, just go find love.

    Personally, I would be careful who you tell if you aren’t certain, not because you may change your mind, but because you don’t want to cause unneeded drama for yourself. Sexuality is very hard to know at first, and don’t pressure yourself; you have plenty of time to find love. Don’t sweat it 🙂

    ((Also I thought there were less gay members in my school when I first thought about coming out too; sometimes there are more people like you than you think 🙂 And don’t be afraid to let it out. We all need that every once in awhile. Stay prideful. ))


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