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Help ! How do I handle the 800 pound Gorilla? I am a male who has been dating my fiancee for four years. I recently found out that she is bi-sexual. I told her it was ok and support her feelings. I tried to get her to open up and talk to me but she is in constant denial. This has become a 800 pound gorilla in our relationship. I would rather her lay all the cards on the table and know where I stand in the relationship but she is not forthcoming very seceretive about her past.

Original Question- I have been dating my fiancée for four years. I just recently found out she is bi-sexual. I told her that I accept and support her being bi-sexual. I told her it was nothing to be embarrassed about. It is part of who you are. I thought that she would open up more to me but it has had the opposite effect. She has become more with drawn evening denying that part of her.  I have all ways been the more open one in the relationship while she has all way been very secretive about her past.  I would rather her been up front and honest with me but that is wishful thinking on my part.  How would you all handle this situation? Is it wise to continue like this?

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  1. Val Oct 27, 2012 at 20:57

    I wouldn’t start the conversation by saying there’s nothing to be embarrased about. That implies that there is something wrong with being bisexual.

    If you want a genuine conversation with her, talk to her about how you feel. She may then respond with what you are searching for.


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