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Well I threw a party last week Party didn’t end until about 4. I was drunk I mean everybody was. Through the whole night I was making out with this chick and shit you know. One of my closest friends was with me and had asked if he could stay where I was staying! Because he didn’t wanna risk getting cought We had to stay at the ranch house ( which was my bosses house) So we slept on their bed. Within 30 min of laying down I moved closer to him in the bed He grabbed my hand and put it around him Now he’s never even kissed a girl before or have had a girlfriend. But he is a big country folk And he hates gay people. ( he doesn’t know I’m bi at all) he put my hand Right between his legs. Which you know I just kept pretending I was asleep. The next thing you know he unzipped his pants and wrapped his hand around his dick but my Hand was in between Well I grabbed a hold of it and I mean he was hard and everything. Then I started grabbing all over his body his thighs chest everything and he would let me. Then we were spooning. Then I tries to wrap my leg around him and he would push my knee away but get his buttt closer to my dick Now the first time that happened was a long time but we were both drunk. Then it happened again a month ago and Asked and said dude you put my hand on your penis and shit and he just freaked out and stopped talking to me Do you think he has been pretending he is asleep? Well I’d try to grab a hold of his hand to put it in my pants and he would pull it away and I mean I pulled real strong and so did he I did jerk him off He didn’t come but u did dry humped him until i came and would push against my dick You think his gay or not? Or he’s just into me or should I just keep doing the same thing we do idk

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