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This morning my 11 year old cousin told me she is a lesbian. I just told her “that’s ok. Just be you and everything is going to be ok”. She liked my answer, beamed and changed the topic. I didn’t ask more questions, she didn’t add a thing, so we just went on as if nothing had happened. She didn’t say that this was a secret, but just to be on the safe side I know this is not something I would share with our family. We are a more-Catholic-than-the-Pope family, and already she has problems with her mom who wants her to act like a lady and quit her tomboy ways. If this gets out I can see psychologists, general freaking out and dissappointment all around…plus its not really my story to tell. I am worryed about the future. I also wonder if she told me this so I would do something…like what? I have no idea. Is she going to go through puberty and change her mind? What do I do, say?

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  1. Tali Feb 6, 2015 at 10:35

    As someone who’s been in a somewhat similar position, I’l help how I can.

    Well, if I were you, I’d keep it under wraps. If she wanted to come out, she’;d do it herself. She probably told you b/c she felt that she could trust you out of everyone else, and by telling the rest o the family, that could be interpreted as a betrayal of her trust. I mean, if she’s always been this way, then chances are it’s not just puberty. Well, i things do go down in the future it looks like she’ll look to you for support. So, just support your cousin the best you can and most importantly: don’t treat any differently then you have before.


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