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Hope nobody’s going to get mad at me here for asking this, but it’s not about Gay issues. I simply DO NOT have anyone else to ask. My youngest son is 9. He is a physically beautiful person, and rather…non-gender-looking. He’s just pretty, period, and that’s it. Females love him, and seem to find him no matter where we go. He likes women. He gets along better with girls, I think because he understands them better, and they’re more gentle. His Father, a reformed Con who spent 18 years in prison ensures Duncan has a ‘manly’ influence, but relies on me to lead discipline and life lessons. We have both tried hard to ensure Duncan is his Own Self. We fear that the female…attention he gets wherever he goes is becoming a problem for him. Old women, young women, girls, little girls, older girls—I’m not kidding, and it’s not funny. Neither of us has a problem with his eventual preferences. I guess what I’m asking is how can I help him with accepting the fact that he looks the way he does? There’s just nowhere else I can find that folks might be compassionate enough to help me with this. I asked him in a roundabout way several months ago about his preferences. His eyes lit up, his cheeks turned to two red spots, and he said “Mother! I LIKE GIRLS.” Oh, Jeez, I’m sorry. I felt like saying “Yeah, well I do too”, but I didn’t. Ex-cuuuuse me. damn. I guess I figure there are bound to be some of you who ran into this yourselves, and are kind enough to respond to me. How did you deal with it?.

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  1. Val Jul 8, 2013 at 14:02

    Sounds like you are doing a fine job being open, supportive, caring parents. Keep up the good role modeling and he will come out, transition or identify as straight as he comes to understand his own gender. Kudos to you!


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