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I am 19 years old and I am a girl. I have been questioning my sexuality the last 3 years and I have been having some trouble figuring things out. Since I was little, I always thought I was supposed to be a boy. I used to look at girls and liked them. The thought of being with a guy kind of disgusted me. I was pretty certain I was born in the wrong body. When I found out about transexuality and studied it a little I came to realize that I accept and like my self as a girl and I do not want to be a guy. The last few years I even started liking guys but only physically. I have never dated or had any kind of physical contact with men nor women. Some of my friends know that I do not have a label. My lesbian friend is pretty certain I am gay but I really don’t want to label my self. Could I be gay? or bisexual? or maybe a homoromantic bisexual since I am not attracted emotionaly to guys? I really want to figure things out. But after I really need to label my self? I know labels are important but it feels easier to me to just like who I like.  Any advice would be appreciated!

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