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I was straight for 36 years, and due to some life circumstances my sexual orientation changed to women only. After the first enthusiasm settled down, I am still sure that I want to be with a woman, but as I didn’t find the right one yet, I started to feel afraid that I might go back to men, which I really don’t want. I can still feel physical attraction to some men, so that would make me bi- or pansexual by definition. Now, the conflict I started to have seems like some sort of heterophobia…(?) So, is it possible that (if I inhibited homo- or bisexuality for so many years) I now started to inhibit possibility of attraction to men? As this was a big part of my life that I don’t want to deny, I also don’t want to go from one closet to another, it’s very suffocating feeling. Can you give me some advice how to deal with this?

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