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The thought had never crossed my mind about being anything other than straight until quite some time ago. Over the past few years since I became a teenager I’ve developed many crushes on various females, and males but lately females are just seeming more and more attractive to me. The first relationship I had was with a boy, and I’m not going to lie when I say I truly loved him. He was my everything. But I wasn’t physically attracted to him like I am with females. Recently, I was in a very short relationship with a friend I confessed feelings for, and I really loved her. I’ve never felt this way in my life and it made me realise some things. 
All my life I’ve been taught that being gay or lesbian is wrong, unnatural and a sin, and I believed it. But now that I have these feelings I realize that gay people don’t have a choice in who they love and they shouldn’t be discriminated against just for how they feel. 
Because of my religious heritage, I often feel guilty for how I feel even though I know I can’t help it. It’s screwing with my anxiety, depression and I even self harmed over it. I really need someone to talk to, a friend. Because I’m all alone and I need support right now Also, if I have crushes on anime guys would that make me technically bisexual? They aren’t real though and I don’t like real men so… I know there’s no rush to decide my sexuality and ‘label’ myself but I’m just genuinely confused and to be honest distressed

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  1. bill Aug 25, 2015 at 23:21

    Hey my friend I also share your story because surprisingly I too am confused which one is fine but at most I’m very find the way and mostly I’m attracted to female. But as much that some gays asking me to feel their needs. Actually I’m going too lol just I advise you to feel what your heart needs


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