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I will ask a question that I’ve looked, but I didn’t like the answers. I’m lesbian (of course …) and I’ve been with my girl for a year. We love each other, we’re very fine and happy together, but I find it almost impossible to seduce her and making love, I’m a kind of crazy cause I do not know what to do … I’ve already Talked to her and she does not know what’s happening to us. Someone can give me some idea about what to do?

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  1. Val May 18, 2013 at 19:21

    Thanks for the question. A lot of couples both straight and gay can have this problem. In fact, loss of sexual intimacy is a reason that can lead couples to break up. You’re relationship is on the right track in that you both acknowledge something has changed, you are both committed to working on your relationship, and you two are able to talk about the relationship with each other. My only advice might be to try going back to dating fun mode. Do what you did when you first started dating, and things were exciting. Start taking your GF on dates or doing the things you did when you first started dating that made her interested in you and vice versa. Good luck!


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