My daughter joined the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club at her school this past year! She seemed to really enjoy GSA Club… I’m so happy she found something she loves to be a part of. As a Mom, I of course want to be as supportive as I can with her and everything she’s involved in. Her club and her leader decided they wanted to continue to meet throughout the summer too! She is so happy about this. I wanted to reach out to you because the Ask a Gay Person Resources page was especially helpful for us:
She is going to meet with her group throughout the summer at a community park every Friday morning and has expressed wanting to find some more resources at home to share with her peers. The Resources page was a great start in helping us quickly find some quality info and sites – thank you! We actually spent a lot of time together this past weekend and were able to find another LGBTQ page with a bunch of resources for teens and college students:
She loves it and thinks it’s great. She is really excited to share it with her other club members and her leader! It’s so great to see her excitement and passion and I’m so proud of the person she is.
She is becoming quite the advocate for herself and her peers.

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